A Writer on Sports and More

To my new readers:


To people who know me from my day job, radio guest spots or previous blogs:

Welcome back.

What you’ve stumbled across is my latest, most polished foray into the blogosphere.

A decade’s worth of my best work collected on a single site.

A place to highlight my newest, most noteworthy pieces as they hit the news.

And, of course, a place to riff on the latest developments in sports, social issues and the space where the two overlap.

To learn more about me and the new blog click here, but while you’re here let me point out some important facts about this site and the writer behind it.

First, I love narrative journalism and a few years back my narrative non-fiction earned me the National Newspaper Award for Sports Writing.

Second, I write about more than sports.

Third, don’t misunderstand me — I still dig sports.  And I love boxing more than any other because it brings the best out of me as a writer.

But instead of listening to me talk about what I do look around the site and find out for yourself, and if you like what you read visit often or subscribe because I plan to update frequently.

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