Feeling GSP’s Pain

I wish I could say today marked the re-launch of my short-lived but very popular video series “Fighting Words,” but I don’t have the power to decide whether features like that live or die over at the Mother Ship. But when big names come to town I can sometimes sneak out of the office with world-class videographer Randy Risling and make magic happen.

Tuesday presented me with such an opportunity, when Dana White et al descended on the Rogers Centre ostensibly to let Torontonians know that tickets for UFC 129 at the Rogers Centre were set to go on sale Feb. 12 — and two days sooner if you’re a member of UFC’s Fight Club.

But mostly it was a chance for the UFC to parade a few of its biggest names in front of the local media, both mainstream and MMA-centred, cranking up publicity for a fight that already appears destined to sell out.

And for me it was an excuse to shoot a video, in this case a quick look at just how much it hurts to get hit, courtesy of welterweight champ and UFC 129 headliner Georges St-Pierre.


Nobody hit GSP harder than the man he's walloping here, Jon Fitch -- click the video above to hear GSP describe it.

Can’t tell you when the next video will but if you liked it, click on it and pass it on and tell your friends to do the same and hopefully at some point any resistance to bringing back the Fighting Words series crumbles under the weight of the numbers.

One Response to “Feeling GSP’s Pain”
  1. latinoporvida says:

    Body shot had GSP hurt OUCH now that must have hurt especially since MMA fighters use practically no gloves compared to what boxers use.

    Campbell you should do more videos I actually love these videos, both you and Randy Risling sure do magic!

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