All Balls Don’t Bounce

So I’m in the process of brokering a reconciliation between my estranged friends Mo and Mentum.

As I pointed out a month ago they’d been at a stalemate most of the winter, but started talking again after an unexpected nudge from a respected colleague.

But they’re stubborn and independent, Mo and Mentum.

The last few weeks I’ve been training with some of Canada’s finest mixed martial arts fighters just in case I need to physically force the two of them back together, but I don’t think it’s going to come to that. Instead I’ve use those moves to subdue Inertia, which is what came between Mo and Mentum in the first place.

With him out of the way relations between Mo and Mentum are warmer than they’ve been in months, and with All Balls Don’t Bounce joining the reconciliation effort we might see MoMentum back together sooner rather and later.

Just what is All Balls Don’t Bounce?

It’s a partnership between three of the brightest minds in Toronto sports media: Duane Watson, Will Strickland and Morg.

Together we form a sports media and content collective that provides a one-stop source for insight, commentary and analysis on sports culture and lifestyle. Right now it’s happening on our tumblr page and on our twitter feed, and later this week the long-awaited All Balls Don’t Bounce Podcast goes live.

And why All Balls Don’t Bounce?

Why not?

No offense to the mainstream sports media here in Toronto, but daily sports coverage heavy on hockey and saturated with stats and standings — which is fine for the millions of Canadians who are into that.

But Will, Duane and I are three of several million more Canadians who like sports coverage that reaches well beyond the rink, who understand that sports analysis means more than re-hashing stats and scores, and who appreciate sports talk that breaks down the game beyond the game

We knew there was an appetite for that type of coverage and discussion about sports, but we didn’t feel media outlets around here worked to provide it. So instead of sitting around and complaining about everything mainstream sports coverage lacks, we came together and did something about it.

We formed All Balls Don’t Bounce, hatched several plans, and got to work, even as Inertia ran interference on out two closest allies.

You guessed it.

Mo and Mentum.

But we’re rolling now.

The podcast goes live later this week and April 8 we’re teaming with the Reelworld Film Festival for our first official ABDB event, the Canadian Premiere of Dave Zirin’s documentary Not Just A Game.

If you’re in Toronto that night, we’d love to have you.

And if you’re a long way from here, don’t sweat it.

You know where to find us.

We’re online now.

And momentum is on our side.

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