ABDB Ep. 8: Who You Callin an Uncle Tom?


Phoenix Suns president Rick Welts reveals his homosexuality — courageous…Ain’t is strange how the newspapers play with the language? …Former Villanova BBall player Will Sheridan also comes out the closet — opportunistic…Will Sheridan steals four minutes of our lives… Celebrating Ocho Cinco…Newsroom fear turns non-events into big stories, especially if they involved the Miami Heat…JJ Barea = Wes Welker…Udonis Haslem = 5 hour energy… 10 years after Iverson hits the Raptors for 54 and 52 in the playoffs, we examine The Iverson Effect… Donovan McNabb isn’t black enough for Bernard Hopkins…Why do white media suddenly care so deeply about intra-racial tension?… In a word — Voyeurism…In another word — Racism…Duane’s D stands for “Dulce,”…Obligatory Northwestern shoutouts…College Super Seniors… equal treatment for wack rappers… The “P” stands for “PJs” and “Project Heat”



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