ABDB Ep 9: We Fight on That Lie!


Back at Pimper’s Paradise AKA Duane’s crib…Shoutouts to the global ABDB fam… Derrick Rose tries to tiptoe around the steroid issue — fails… Jose Bautista still raking and we still “gotta ask the question”…or do we?… Lance Armstrong = Slim Charles, cuz he will FIGHT on that lie!… Lance Armstrong = Ben Johnson, the fastest juicer in a sport full of juicers…RIP Macho Man Savage, WWE AntiHero and king of the Promo… Ray Lewis aint cutting WWE promos — his interviews just sound like them…The World According to Ray: Crime will spike if the NFL lockout persists…Uh, OK, Ray… ABDB = The Podcast Mecca… Listeners = Pilgrims, traveling from around the globe to join our community…Why we’ll never see another U.S. arena called “The Mecca”… We break out the broad brushes…Kareem’s Legacy — he needs to meet a sculptor…NBA playoffs…Sweets kinda digs the Mavs…LeBron is who we thought he was…Full Force Get Busy One TIme! … Joakim Noah runs off at the mouth…Best Rapper in NBA history? It aint Carlos Boozer… Will kills the air quotes… Sweets mulls a nickname change… the P stands for “Pilgrim” and “PJ Carlesimo.” It’s a Movement and a Mentality

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