ABDB Ep. 22: What if Tom Brady… were BLACK!!

He’d look like this.

And the All Balls Don’t Bounce Podcast would sound like this.

If you ever need support knowin who’s on the court, you call — All Balls Don’t Bounce… Pimpers Paradise even more pimped out than ever…Shouts out to ABDB’s ever-expanding circle of friends… Annika Sorenstam still beefing with Michelle Wie, says she spends to much time in class…seriously…Would she tell Terrelle Pryor to spend less time in class too?… We go in on the NFL and Roger Goodell over the Pryor drama and the asinine rationale they offered fans…That’s contempt for our intelligence…if the P stands for Pimpers Paradise, does MC stand for Mental Capacity?… Panthers owner to Cam Newton: No tattoos for you… NFL Draft Combine scouting reports belong in the Homoerotica section of the bookstore… Hey, don’t spoil my public hanging with your violence!… 49ers co-owners says shootings bolster the case for a longer regular season…Really? Really. Contempt….ESPN answers the question nobody was asking: What if Michael Vick were white?… And stop askin that question if u can’t give us new answers….seriously…Toure is that dude — interpreting the Black world for White readers… Book of Job + Marvin’s Room + Sports Commentary = the Toure column on Mike Vick… Toure also puts potholes in Dulce’s lawn…Pat Summit, Sidney Crosby and the Road to Dementia… the NBA’s Badwill tour of China… Is the UFC ready to head-to-head with boxing’s cash calf?… References: Sanford & Son, Kid n Play, K-Solo, Book of Job, Marvin’s Room, Four Brothers and more… Accents employed: Tdot Bredren, Masshole, England Mashup and more…Soundtrack: N’Sync, Drake, Ashford (RIP) and Simpson… All Balls Don’t Bounce is a Movement and a Mentality building Community and Conversation… Join us and spread the word…. contact us atallballsdontbounce@gmail.com

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