ABDB Ep 23: The Loneliness of Dominance

The ABDB crew does it again in Episode 23 and to hear it CLICK HERE.

ABDB finally has a sponsor and a special guest! Both named Snickers Pie!… Episode 23 don’t need a roll call… Happy Birthday to Michael Jackson and Perdita Felicien, tuning in from Korea… Shouts out to Northwestern…. Big big BIG shout out to The Morning Jones… Before we get started, a message from Snickers Pie… IAAF World Championships Mens 100m: The False Start Rule wins, and everybody else loses… Can we stop tryna make a connection between Bolt’s showboating and the false start? Thanks… Dayron Robles DQ’d from the 110 hurdles and says they’re picking on him because he’s Cuban… But it won’t cost him endorsements cuz he’s from the NCAA — oops we mean Communist Cuba…

Carl Lewis’ (aka Silky the Pimp) political opponent drops out of the NJ Senate race cuz of his wife’s reckless emailing… Is it illegal to get into a fight, or just to won one? … Does the “S” in LSU stand for shoes?… Another shot at Roger Goodell, because he’s our Charles Dimry… The Miami 12 have to repay “improper benefits,” but “repay” them to whom?… Tim Tebow, Randy Cross and the Hater Players… If the media hate Christian QBs, explain Kurt Warner… Michael Vick is a 100 millionaire again, but how does he respond to the pressure… Anderson Silva is still the man –> the loneliness of dominance … Memo: Silva don’t need no damn catch weight. Other fighters can come to him cuz the man don’t meet you on YOUR terms… Usain Bolt vs Morgan P in Mississauga?…To be the man, you gotta not lend RIc Flair money… Wall $t the psychoanalyst dissects the downfall of the Nature Boy… Sweets talks about his WOOO! … Floyd Mayweather vs Floyd Mayweather Sr… Wall $t talks about the time he (stupidly) talked to him mom the way Floyd talks to his dad… Morgan P talks shares the story of his meeting with a 13-year-old Money Mayweather, and the light it sheds on the current relationship between father and son… Serena isn’t thinking about 2009 and neither are the fans — so why are the media?… Wall $t has been dreaming about her, but that’s a different story… Is Richard Williams fixing to create yet another generation of tennis stars?… References: Maestro Fresh Wes, Black Star, The Simpsons (Australia Episode), 70s R&B, Ne-Yo, Love Jones and more… Accents employed: Cherman, Boston, Yardie and more… ABDB vocab: “Cousin Pete” (v): To crash a family reunion just to get fed…ABDB vocab 2: “Profuciously” (adv.): Same as profusely or copiously… All Balls Don’t Bounce is a conversation and a community… It’s a movement and a mentality….To satisfy your Snickers Pie cravings, visit www.southerncomforts.ca …. Until then, Subscribe, spread the word and reach out to us at allballsdontbounce@gmail.com

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