ABDB Ep 24: Conflation, Correlation, Causation

Click the text below to hear the world famous All Balls Don’t Bounce crew engage in the type of smart and funny sports talk you wish you could find on the radio….

Back at The Penthouse for episode Wall $t/Kobe/Darnell Autry… Burning the midnight oil like we did back in the day… Shouts out to ABDB family around the world and a quick linguistic lesson before we get started… Jim Tressel gets a “job” and a “suspension”… Quotation marks needed because he doesn’t really have either… Wall $t. & Sweets slyly accuse Morgan P. of being easy on Roger Goodell… whom Morgan P. later compares to Mr. Burns… USC Football honours its best students — sort of… NCAA Football starts and everybody excited — except Maryland fans, who have to look at the ugliest uniforms in the nation… Football discussion sparks a heated debate over Brandon Jennings, LeBron James and Barack Obama… RIP Lee Roy Selmon, whose restaurant turned Morgan P. into a drug mule for BBQ sauce… NFL’s opening Sunday falls on 9/11 and Will & Duane are disgusted that the league is about to exploit the tragedy with an orgy of jingoism and football… Morgan P. is resigned, because exploitation and jingoism are the NFL’s specialties… Hockey enforcer deaths and the Conflation of Correlation and Causation… Tillman, Hooton, Belak: the story gets lost in the chase for symbolism… Venus, Serena, Donald Young and the scramble for the next American Tennis Superstar… Mardy Fish and the yawning gap between top 8 and top 3… Can Donald Young make that leap? Most of my heroes don’t appear on no stamp — but now Willie Stargell does… Final charges dropped against Barry Bonds, but now how will Major League Baseball carry it with the still not-retired Bonds… If Vick had a friend like Greg Anderson maybe we woulda been spared Toure’s foolishness… The legal system tries to intentionally walk Roger Clemens and he strikes out anyway… Sweets Plimpton… References: The Simpsons, The Wire, every 70s black sitcom, Common Sense, Black Dynamite… Accents employed: Boston, T-Dot, Northern Cities shift (aka Chicago plus Buffalo)… Shouts out to: Lee Roy Selmon’s, Fucillo Chevrolet, Lockport Gambino Ford, 70’s Comedy Dyslexia… All Balls Don’t Bounce is: Meaning, Movement, Mentality AND Community and Conversation…We invite you to join them all… Love us, hate us or just wanna get in touch, email us at allballsdontbounce@gmail.com

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