ABDB Ep 25: Ready For The World? Not Victor Ortiz










Click below to hear the Smart, Funny, Honest sports talk that’s changing sport media one download at a time….


Episode Rocket Ismail/Barry Bonds… Episode Mayweather KO ratio previewing the Ortiz showdown… recording late night at The House Bomani Jones Built… Special guest Corey Erdman sits in with the crew… Worldwide shouts out take us to Latin America… Wolverine + Kougar = Glen Rice + Sarah Palin… So, who plays them in the Porn Parody? Was this Palin’s first ride on the Black Horse? We doubt it!!! Was OchoCinco out of bounds for tweeting that he admired Brady? Was Brady outta line for telling people to start drinking early? Does Brady realize Corey never needs to be told when to start drinking? Team Tebow buys a billboard, even though he’s woefully underqualified to start in the NFL… The Brothers Klitschko = The Sisters Williams — so dominant, it’s almost boring… Chad Dawson switches coaches to train closer to his newborn baby — smart move? Don’t say NOTHIN’ bad about B-Hop, cuz that’s when Wall $t. go off!!! Sweet Pea too!!! Yuriorkis Gamboa is as good as you make him… Mayweather-Ortiz? Corey calls a whitewash… Wall $t. and Morgan P wonder why Mayweather inspires so much revisionist history… Money May = The pretty girl with average friends… Pouring out liquor for: Duane “Sweets” Watson… References: Several Rocky’s, In Living Color, Tim Dog, RFTW, EPMD and more… Accents employed: Obligatory Boston, Mr. T Chicago, ScotSpanyol… All Balls Don’t Bounce is Movement, Mentality, Community and Conversation, so join us… allballsdontbounce@gmail.com

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