ABDB Ep 26: Old Folks, Cantankerous; Young Folks, Broke

What happens when the best sports talk show ever meets the top sports podcast on the net?

Click the text below to find out.

Pouring out grape drank for Duane “Sweets Watson”… Episode Willie Upshaw/Paul Palmer/Vinnie Johnson+Isiah Thomas… Special guest in the house, the one and only Bomani Jones!!! Damn you, Darius Lovehall! The Morning Jones Diaspora reminisces about the old days… Bo = Abraham? Mike Tyson’s take on Sarah Palin and Glen Rice….two words: Re Pugnant… So just how did the ear-biting “Baddest Man on The Planet” became a parody of a parody of himself? Floyd. Mayweather. Did. Not. Cheat… Get. It. Through. Your. Skulls… He ain’t no coward, neither… Bo riffs on Mayweather vs. Merchant and wrankles the Twittersphere… There’s a difference between a threat and an observation… NFL is pass happy and people are losing their minds… Cam Newton is for real — why is anybody surprised? Cam Newton and the search for white credit makes him like Mayweather… Is Vick vs Ryan as racial as it seems? Bo says no… Big Football programs are outgrowing the NCAA, basketball programs aren’t, but they’re all printing money… NCAA sells hand grenades like Ice T… Is the NCAA a cartel, a plantation or a pimp?…They’re pimps — see photo… NCAA = Bob Arum = Drake in Marvin’s Room… Seriously… Would you take a loan from a poisonous snake? Cuz Kobe’s Payday Loans is about to open for business… Shaq is the Big Teflon and the big idea thief… Shouts Out: Picayune Syntacticians (Wall $t), JD, Ed Maisonet, Jai All Day, Kumasi Vines, Rodimus Prime, Quency Phillips and more… References: Drake, Love Jones (both Marvin and Darius), Little Brother, Eldridge Cleaver, Sonny Liston and more… Accents employed: Masshole, Hardcore Canadian, a touch of Scotspañol… All Balls Don’t Bounce is: Conversation and Community; Movement, Meaning and Mentality… Hit is up and we’ll shout you out… allballsdontbounce@gmail.com

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