ABDB Ep 27: We’re not CRAY-zeh! Are we?

Read all about the latest episode of the best sports podcast on the net. And to hear it, click below…

Episode Steve Atwater/Eddie George/Mel Hall… should be Episode Peaches & Herb — cuz we’re Reunited and it feels so good!!! Sweets has an announcment about an upcoming ABDB event… Are you ready for some Rampant Redneckery? You should be, because Hank Williams is who we thought he was! The Guy who sings the MNF theme song fantasizes about the South winning the Civil War! Yikes! The Ohio State  University student-athletes have a summer salary cap on their menial labour chump change… The OSU = The girl who has to tell you she’s not crazy!  How come these summer jobs are unrelated to actual careers? Isn’t that a bigger problem?  Are the “disturbing revelations” in the new Walter Payton biography all that “disturbing,” or do they simply reveal a human being with flaws?  Megatron Don and the Detroit Lions turning every Sunday into “Any Given.”… Lions = a boxing prospect — beating the people they’re supposed to and looking to be tested… Eagles = Dream Team comparison laid to rest… thankfully!!! Before we label another team a Dream Team, journalists please Consider. Your. Source. Are you ready for some baseball? We are, for once! Rays show the Red Sox how Moneyball really works… Too bad nobody watches them… Will is to baseball fandom what the Crazy Girl is to Crazy — if you gotta announce you aren’t, you almost certainly are! If it’s not fried in bacon fat, you’re still a vegan… Is Stephen Jackson the best rapper int he NBA? Is Luol Deng an Afro-Caribbean?  Jay-Z is old… NBA Lockout Drama… David Stern’s finger-wagging could get him killed in D-Wade’s neighbourhood… Does the union have true solidarity? Will the lack of traditional solidarity actually give them leverage? Why are agents getting involved?  Sergio Martinez is a man without a weight class… Another star fires Emanuel Steward… This time, it’s Miguel Cotto… How does an amateur trainer help you win a pro fight? He probably won’t… Jermain Taylor and his bleeding brain are going to wind up fighiting in International Waters… Before we go, shouts out to small-town Arkansas… Shouts out to: Doug Williams, Jesse Dula, David Aaron, Gerald Conoway, les freres Parker, and more… Accents employed: Masshole, Canadian, Southern Twang, Suthun drawl… Admission: Morgan P meets an accent he can’t conquer: References: Crazy Girls, Eddie Murphy, The Bus Boys, OJ Simpson, Snowbirds, Thin Lizzy, Rocky III, King Oliver, Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, Baby Wall $t., Mutton Chops & The Vinnie Johnson Theory, Dewey Bozella, Breaking Bad, The Wire and more… Big News: ABDB + Mark “Kurupt” Stoddart = a can’t-miss live podcast live podcast event, Oct. 26, 6pm at the Sport Gallery 55 Mill Street, Building 32, Suite 103… All Balls Don’t Bounce is: Community, Conversation, Movement, Meaning, Mentality… write to us at allballsdontbounce@gmail.com

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