The “P” stands for Persistence, Promotion of Self

I don’t know if life was trying to send me a message, but I spent the first few weeks of my new job as a business reporter at the Toronto Star writing stories about ex-journalists.

First came a Q&A with former freelance writer and current personal finance guru Gail Vaz-Oxlade, and shortly afterward I caught up with my good friend Nneka Elliott, who left a high-profile gig at CP24 to start a media consulting/networking firm called The Media Huddle.

A few months later Nneka flipped the script, and sent an eager intern named Dominique Bennett to the Star’s offices to interview me about my experiences as a sportswriter, the future of the narrative form and the value of self-branding.

The video showed up online recently and I figured I would share it with you guys here.

As for the Media Huddle — I’m glad they’re around. Nneka and her staff work hard to create networking opportunities for people at all career stages that wouldn’t otherwise exist.

As for Dominique — the kid’s a star. Shoots and edits better than I could ever dream of doing myself, and if newspapers are serious about reinventing themselves as multimedia storytelling outlets they’ll need people like her involved in the effort.

And as for me — I meant every word I said in the video. Reinvention is a recurring theme but I’m not a bitter ex-journalist just yet. I still have goals in this business and if I ever doubt how I’ll achieve them I’ll just click that video follow my own advice.

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