The P Stands For “Panelist” — My speaking gigs this week

When I retired from All Balls Don’t Bounce active duty I told you guys I’d be busy, and honestly I’m probably getting less sleep these days than I was two month ago.

Not that I mind it.

I’m able to put a little more time and brainpower into the 9-to-5, which is great news for people who read the Toronto Star’s business section as well as the people who wondered whether my change in jobs would stop me from writing some of the city’s best sports reads.

It hasn’t.

And even though I’m not on the airwaves regularly I do make myself available for one-off podcasts. As Floyd Mayweather can tell you, any exposure is good exposure and when you’re building a brand sometimes you have to whore yourself out a little bit. So yes, you can find me on episode 278 of The Black Guy Who Tips, because the “P” stands for “prostituting myself on podcasts.”

But if you’re hoping to catch me en vivo now’s the time because this week is back loaded with speaking gigs, thanks to the Toronto Star’s Speakers Bureau.

Wednesday morning, Feb. 29, I’ll be at Greenwood Secondary School in Toronto, speaking to students there as part of their African Heritage Assembly. My first time there so I don’t quite know what to expect, but I’m excited.

Friday afternoon, March 2, I’m at the Vaughan Road Academy, speaking to students there as part of their celebration of multiculturalism. I haven’t been keeping track, but I’m pretty sure this will mark the first time in my nascent public speaking career that I’ll be addressing an entire student body. Admittedly I’ll feel at least one butterfly in my belly, but butterflies are good. They keep you alert.

Now, if you’ve been paying attention you’ve probably noticed that the first two gigs this week are school assemblies and therefore not open to the handful of civilians who might actually choose to come out and hear me speak.

We’ve got you covered.

Thursday, March 1 I’ll be at the University of Toronto Scarborough as part of a panel discussion hosted by the Black Students’ Association examining representations of African-Canadians in the mass media.

Find us in room SW-403 (SW stands for “Science Wing” — campus map here) Discussion starts at 5pm and is scheduled to run until 7, with more conversation to follow, I’m sure.

Either way, the panel is set to inform and entertain, so if you’re in the area and passionate about mass media portrayals of African-Canadians and want to discuss the issues with us, we welcome you.

See you there.

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