I’m not dead. I’m just woodshedding

I recognize three weeks is a long time to keep you guys waiting for a fresh entry, but I assure you I’m not neglecting the small but dedicated audience I’ve managed to build here over the last year and a half. But instead of extending the wait for  blog updates indefinitely I figured I’d bang out a quick note to keep you guys in the loop.

Basically, I’m woodshedding.

The day job has me on a long-term project that doesn’t leave many hours or brain cells to devote to blogging or tweeting or socializing.

Keeping the details silent for now. If you run into me on the street i might fill you in a little bit, but I won’t say much online about what I’m working on or when we’ll publish. This is a competition, after all, so I can’t go spilling all my secrets.

But understand that if the project wasn’t worth the wait I wouldn’t keep you guys waiting, and when this all is unveiled you’ll understand why the blog, the twitter feed and just about everything else had to go silent for a while.

Until then, be patient.

If you need me I’ll be in the woodshed.

But if you’re going to interrupt me, it better be important.

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