Friday Night Fighters and Writers

Another quick update for the folks who were waiting for my preview of the Manny Pacquiao-Juan Manuel Marquez showdown — you’ll have it Saturday morning, and that’s a promise. We’ll meet here to discuss the Pacquiao-Marquez and the fairness of steroid innuendo.

Would have had it today, but fate called.

In this case fate was masquerading as a producer from TSN’s Off The Record, who was planning a panel discussion on the never-ending NHL lockout and who need somebody who 1) knows sports 2) knows business and 3) doesn’t scream. Quickly I was cast in the role of level-headed panelist.

Great fun as usual, and you can view our discussion here and here.

But I promised you some boxing, so here it is.


Earlier this year I connected with Angela Shackel, a local journalist recording a series of podcasts focusing on various aspects of sport. Sport as ritual. Sport as culture. Sport as business. Sport as diversion.

We talked for about 90 minutes but thankfully Andrea has whittled down my ramblings to a couple of 10-minute segments, one of which focuses on the love affair between boxing and authors.

So if you need a boxing fix on this page tonight, click on the player below.

To listen to the entire series, click here.

And to discuss the making of Marquez’ muscles, check back with me Saturday.

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