Not dead or Woodshedding — Just Fighting the Flu

Just a quick update for my small but loyal band of readers:

I emerged on the other side of my Venezuelan Beisbol opus set to update this space three times weekly, and had lined up several ideas to tackle this week and this weekend.

Then this flu bug stepped in and treated me like Juan Manuel Marquez treated Manny Pacquiao.

Note the "I'm Sick Hoodie." Shoulda got the flu shot.

Note the “I’m Sick Hoodie.” Shoulda got the flu shot.

Yeah, I’ve been laid out for a couple of days, tweeting intermittently but mostly spending quality time with my couch, my vitamin C and my bottle of clear Cuban Rum, which I’m told cures anything.

So if you subscribers find a new post in your inbox Monday morning, you’ll know Ester C and Havana Club have helped me beat the count. And if not, understand that I’m clearing my head, regrouping and preparing to return at full strength.

But for now the couch is calling.

See you when I’m back on my feet.

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