Quick Update: Mi Voz Latina

First of all, happy Martin Luther King Day.

I’m in Canada but I treat it as a holiday, which means I’ll be relaxing with family, reflecting on Dr. King’s life and legacy and working on meaningful projects not related to the day job.

But because it’s not a holiday north of the border, the hustle doesn’t stop completely. I’m always either interviewing somebody or being interviewed, and this afternoon it’s the latter.

Monday at 4 p.m. EST, I’ll be on 1610 AM Radio in Toronto, talking Blue Jays and, time permitting, boxing and the business of sport.

Station’s tag line: Voces Latinas.

My voice included.

Yep, we’re doing the entire interview en vivo (live!) y en Español.

Can’t lie. I’m excited and a little nervous. I’ve interviewed athletes in Spanish before but they’re usually pretty understanding, and the beauty of print journalism as that nobody ever has to hear you stammer through an interview in your second language. All readers see is words on a page.

That's me in Maracay, Venezuela, working without a translator (!)

That’s me in Maracay, Venezuela, working without a translator (!)

And I’ve been interviewed in Spanish, my voice broadcast across Venezuela and around the world on a popular sports show called Los Cronistas, but that segment was pre-recorded and deftly edited by my man Arturo Marcano to make my Spanish seem seamless.

Monday afternoon is my first time interviewing in Spanish and without a safety net, and I’m excited to see how this goes. I’ve already warned the host to speak slowly and tone down his Argentine accent, but if the discussion is lively those details might slip his mind.



If you’re interested in listening live, or calling in and lobbing softball questions in pidgin Spanish the station streams all day right here.

If you’re in the Toronto area and have Rogers digital cable we’re on channel 951.

And if you’re a little morbidly curious about how this will turn out, well… so am I.

¡Nos vemos a las cuatro!

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