Doesn’t that look like sex? A goodbye post

No, not for good — but you can consider this my pre-emptive out-of-office autoreply.

Tuesday morning I fly to Miami for a few days of warm weather and beaches and food trucks and salsa. Plans include catching up with old and new friends, watching the O’Jays at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino, and possibly seeing some of the sites made famous by the BioGenesis steroid scandal.

But plans don’t include working.

This piece from Sunday’s New York Times advocates drawing a bold line between work and personal life, vacationing often and sleeping more. I’ll take this week as an opportunity to try all three, which means no updates for the rest of this week. Not here, not on my day job, and probably not on Twitter.


So until I return to Toronto and work mode I’ll leave you with a project I’ve been cobbling together piece by piece for the last little while.

My video demo reel.

Yes, I’m a writer by trade but as the news industry becomes increasingly digital people like me have to become as comfortable on camera as we are on the keyboard. So to the extent that I can, I try to include video in my work on the day job.

Here I am with pro fighter Albert Cheng, de-mystifying the man-on-man awkwardness of mixed martial arts.

Doesn’t that look like sex? The Full Guard explained from Morgan Campbell on Vimeo.

If you think you’re going to miss me that badly over the next few days, you can view the rest of the reel right here.

Otherwise I’ll be at the beach. Cell phone off. Email dormant. You can catch me when I’m back in town.


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