#Sportonomics x Pitch Talks = You need to be there

A quick note to remind you guys I’m presenting Thursday night at the latest edition of TallBoys Craft Beer Pitch Talks, which the organizers describe as TED Talks with grass stains… and beer.

They happen roughly once a month here in Toronto and bring together famous folks (like ESPN’s Dan Shulman) and not-so-famous folks (like Toronto Star hacks Brendan Kennedy and Morgan Campbell) for an evening of smart talk on baseball. I’m honoured the folks art TallBoys thought enough of my writing on beisbol to invite me.

Of course, I’m not there alone.


Michael Grange from Sportsnet is presenting. We like to talk classic Canadian rock.

Andrew Stoeten from the Score is there, too. He’s the author of my absolute favourite baseball blog post in the history of everything.

But most folks will be there to see Jonah Keri, Grantland baseball writer, two-time bestselling author and, like me, a regular guest on the greatest sports talk show ever to hit satellite radio — The Morning Jones.

He’s also visited Sportonomics.

All of us would be honoured if all of you show up.


Each and every one of you.

We’re looking to sell this place out.

We’ll be at 918 Bathurst St in Toronto. It seats about 250.

Doors open at 7 and at 7:30 I’ll make my presentation about multiculturalism, media literacy can America’s Favourite Pastime. After that we hand it over to Jonah et al, enjoy the discussion and the beer.

Consider this your invitation.

Buy tickets here.

Hope to see you there.



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