Long Shots Chapter II: On a Cold Night…

1 June 2003 – Toronto Star By Morgan Campbell JANUARY 10 The change room door swings open and in walks Oliver Prince to announce an important bit of news. He has the skinny on tonight’s opponent, the North Albion Cougars. “They’re suss,” the 6-foot-5, 215-pound star basketball player tells his team. “Kamar Burke is gonna … Continue reading

Long Shots Chapter III: Short Sight, Tall Plans

At 5-foot-7, Nedrie Simmons is the Vanier Mavericks’ smallest player, and perhaps the most reckless. But he’s head and shoulders above when it comes to confidence in his talent, writes Morgan Campbell. 2 June 2003 – Toronto Star Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2003 Nedrie Simmons launches jump shots alone in the gym at Jean Vanier Catholic Secondary … Continue reading

Long Shots Chapter VI: The Power of Persuasion

5 June 2003 – Toronto Star Over the course of this tumultuous season, Don Marchione has come to know his players well – perhaps a little too well. The head coach of the Jean Vanier Mavericks understands Drew Lomond’s shaky confidence comes from childhood struggles with obesity. He accepts Nedrie Simmons’ stubborn, at times even combative … Continue reading

Long Shots Chapter VII: Time for a Hail Mary

Rifts and resentments within the team threaten the Mavericks’ performance; divided, they’ll fall. As a crucial game approaches, the coaches can only plead and pray, writes Morgan Campbell. 6 June 2003 – Toronto Star March 4-6, 2003 A bright yellow school bus carrying an elite basketball squad rolls north along Hwy 69 in a six-hour stretch … Continue reading

Long Shots Chapter VIII: The Final Hoops

For some of the Vanier Mavericks, the end of the basketball season sounds the buzzer on school. But for a driven, lucky few, it may be just the start of new slam-dunk dreams, writes Morgan Campbell. 7 June 2003 – Toronto Star Drew Lomond rides shotgun in a friend’s car as he and three buddies cruise … Continue reading

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