ABDB Ep 25: Ready For The World? Not Victor Ortiz

                  Click below to hear the Smart, Funny, Honest sports talk that’s changing sport media one download at a time….   Episode Rocket Ismail/Barry Bonds… Episode Mayweather KO ratio previewing the Ortiz showdown… recording late night at The House Bomani Jones Built… Special guest Corey Erdman sits … Continue reading

ABDB Ep. 22: What if Tom Brady… were BLACK!!

He’d look like this. And the All Balls Don’t Bounce Podcast would sound like this. If you ever need support knowin who’s on the court, you call — All Balls Don’t Bounce… Pimpers Paradise even more pimped out than ever…Shouts out to ABDB’s ever-expanding circle of friends… Annika Sorenstam still beefing with Michelle Wie, says … Continue reading

Roethlisberger? Engagement? Are we sure he’s qualified?

First, a disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this blog do NOT represent those of my employer, the Toronto Star, or anybody I might happen to freelance for. The represent my views and my views alone,┬áso if I write something that makes you nod I accept the credit. And if I write something that makes you … Continue reading

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