ABDB Ep. 6: Tribalism, Twitter and the new sports journalism

We return to the Penthouse for the most provocative episode yet. While Osama bin Laden’s death reveals that tribalism survives and thrives in North America, it also spawns some really shoddy sports journalism. Yours truly examines the three pillars on which good stories stand — Facts, Acts and Quotes — while the crew takes a … Continue reading

February 2001: Police Harrassment — A rite of passage for Black men

7 February 2001 – Toronto Star By Morgan Campbell One night last week, as I waited for a bus at the corner of Queen St. and Britannia Rd. in Mississauga, I saw a black Ford Taurus drive past me, then stop. The car rolled backward then stopped again, just in front of where I stood. … Continue reading

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