Influences: Ralph Wiley On Writing

When I’m between books I return to Ralph Wiley — specifically to Serenity, which, along with W.C. Heinz’ The Professional, is about finest book on the sweet science I’m aware of. Give me half a reason or none at all and I’ll pull it from the bookcase, crease the spine and start reading. But tonight, … Continue reading

I took time off from writing — so I could Write

Yeah, it’s been a while but I’ve been busy writing — just not here. In May I enrolled in a creative nonfiction class at Ryerson University here in Toronto, and for eight weeks my work for that course consumed all the time and energy I had to devote to away-from-the-day-job writing. I guess I could … Continue reading

Sum Sh*t I Wrote, Cafe Noir Edition

Before Love Jones there was CafĂ© Noir, a quarterly event the African American Theatre Ensemble at my alma mater used to host, where they would turn part of the Norris University Center into makeshift coffeehouse and open up the mic to all the Darius Lovehalls and Nina Mosleys on campus. And before I was a … Continue reading

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