My official Floyd Mayweather-Miguel Cotto preview page

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#thePstandsfor Prodigal podcaster pontificating on pugilism.

Because this week has brought out both the sports writer and business reporter in me as I’ve chased the biggest story on the sports business landscape — Floyd Mayweather’s title fight with Miguel Cotto Saturday night in Las Vegas.

Despite the widespread perception that boxing is dying, the sweet science is still big business — especially when Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather are involved. And the staggering sums of money tied up in this bout — $8 million for Cotto and $32 million before bonuses — make it the perfect topic for me to tackle in my new role as a business reporter who knows a hell of a lot about sports.

So yes, the Mayweather-Cotto previews have been flowing this week, and instead of leaving them scattered across the internet I figured I would consolidate them right here. Now none of you have any reason to go anywhere else to fuel up before the biggest fight of 2012 so far.


Published right here on my blog, we examine the stats behind Saturday’s matchup, and assess what the numbers reveal and what they obscure.


My story on the day job about the Money Mayweather business model: Punch him then pay him, but always maintain control.


I drop in on Ed “The Sports Fan” Maisonet and crew at the Unsportsmanlike Conduct show, breaking down the fight for a mainstream sports crowd and schooling Ed on his Spanish.


I join rising boxing journalism star Corey Erdman to preview Saturday’s event for the hardcore fans at Ring TV. Listen close for my dead-ringer impression of Cotto trainer Pedro Diaz.

Of course, after a certain point talk is cheap. Other people’s talk, anyway. Mine’s worth its weight in pennies.

What really matters is what happens on Saturday, and I’m just doing what I can to get you prepared.

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