ABDB Ep 26: Old Folks, Cantankerous; Young Folks, Broke

Click here for smart, funny honest sports talk, ABDB and Bomani “The Panky Rang Kang” Jones. ABDB Ep 26: Old Folks, Cantankerous; Young Folks, Broke.

ABDB Ep 26: Old Folks, Cantankerous; Young Folks, Broke

What happens when the best sports talk show ever meets the top sports podcast on the net? Click the text below to find out. Pouring out grape drank for Duane “Sweets Watson”… Episode Willie Upshaw/Paul Palmer/Vinnie Johnson+Isiah Thomas… Special guest in the house, the one and only Bomani Jones!!! Damn you, Darius Lovehall! The Morning … Continue reading

ABDB Ep 25: Ready For The World? Not Victor Ortiz

                  Click below to hear the Smart, Funny, Honest sports talk that’s changing sport media one download at a time….   Episode Rocket Ismail/Barry Bonds… Episode Mayweather KO ratio previewing the Ortiz showdown… recording late night at The House Bomani Jones Built… Special guest Corey Erdman sits … Continue reading

ABDB Ep 24: Conflation, Correlation, Causation

Click the text below to hear the world famous All Balls Don’t Bounce crew engage in the type of smart and funny sports talk you wish you could find on the radio…. Back at The Penthouse for episode Wall $t/Kobe/Darnell Autry… Burning the midnight oil like we did back in the day… Shouts out to … Continue reading

Don’t Think I Didn’t Notice…

1. That the NFL didn’t impose the six-game suspension Jim Tressel will have to serve before starting his new gig analyzing replays on game days for the Indianapolis Colts. The self-benching was agreed upon by Tressel and the team with no input from the league that suspended Terrelle Pryor for his role in the same scandal … Continue reading

Food for thought as Andre Berto enlists Victor Conte

If the stakes of the April 16 welterweight title bout between Andre Berto and Victor Ortiz were ever in question, consider not just the result of that fight but the outcomes for the two men involved. The gutsy, thrilling 12-round decision win earned Ortiz the WBC belt and propelled him into a Sept. 17 pay-per-view … Continue reading

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