Premiere Podcast — Flavour of the Month is “Swirl”

A few days ago I told you the All Balls Don’t Bounce Podcast was coming, and late Tuesday night it finally arrived. In Episode One the All Balls Don’t Bounce Crew (me, Will Strickland, Duane Watson) tackles some of the hottest topics in sport this week. The NFL’s legal limbo. Cam Newton’s relentless haters. Barry … Continue reading

All Balls Don’t Bounce

So I’m in the process of brokering a reconciliation between my estranged friends Mo and Mentum. As I pointed out a month ago they’d been at a stalemate most of the winter, but started talking again after an unexpected nudge from a respected colleague. But they’re stubborn and independent, Mo and Mentum. The last few … Continue reading

Jamaican For a Week

I once referenced this scene on an old blog, but one of my more vivid childhood memories is of an argument my late father had with the father of the Jamaican family next door. The neighbours had just moved to Canada from J.A., bringing with them a distinct culture, some furniture… and a few thousand … Continue reading

On blindingly fast 40-yard dashes

Told you guys I was back to doing the kind of work that made me (almost) famous in the first place. If you didn’t catch it originally at, or when I re-posted on Twitter, click here to read my story on the NFL Combine and the sub-season it has spawned — combine training. After … Continue reading

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