Media: Black-on-Black or White-on-white, a crime is a crime… right?

For all the transformation the news industry has undergone in the last decade and a half, one hackneyed axiom on our priorities remains unchanged. If it bleeds, it still leads. So when mass shooting erupted in Toronto (two dead, 23 injured at a block party) and Colorado (12 dead, 70 injured in a packed theatre) … Continue reading

My (un) biased take on the false start rule: It stinks

Full disclosure: When a listfranc fracture in her left foot kept Canadian hurdle heroine Perdita Felicien out of the 2008 Olympic Games, she spent much of her summer in Mississauga, Ontario, staying in shape as best she could without running, and often that meant climbing on a bike and repeatedly riding up a steep hill … Continue reading

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