Anthony Dirrell’s Digital Display

To the ongoing debate on Nature vs. Nurture vs. the long-term value of Olympic pedigree, I’ll add the following fuel: Anthony “The Dog” Dirrell vs. Dante “Inferno” Craig, in a scheduled 10-round super middleweight bout that took place July 2 in Flint, Mich. Matchup looks great on paper. Dirrell is the brother of 168-pound star … Continue reading

Eight Ways to Improve the Home Run Derby

My masochism manifests itself in a variety of ways. Sometimes I thumb through the Toronto Sun, other times I hit the gym and push myself to the point of vomiting — almost. And tonight I’m watching Major League Baseball’s Home Run Derby, hoping this will be the year ESPN stops trying to convince us it’s … Continue reading

Can You Plank on Slippery Slope?

Never been one to dive headfirst into senseless trends but I won’t stop the next person from indulging as long as it doesn’t affect me. So when I finally figured out what this planking fad was all about I didn’t lay down face first on the hood of a car and have a friend photograph … Continue reading

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