Miami Steroid Scandal: Three quick lessons

If you missed it Tuesday morning, take some time and read the Miami New Times superb investigation into Biogenesis, a nondescript anti-aging clinic that also served as a hub for pro athletes seeking performance-enhancing drugs in south Florida. The revelation isn’t quite the game-changer BALCO was a decade ago, because, well,  BALCO was a decade … Continue reading

Rampage Jackson to Boxing? Bring Your Toolbox

I’m all for athletes plotting career moves beyond the field, so under most circumstances I couldn’t do anything but support 34 year-old Quinton “Rampage” Jackson’s decision to make Saturday night’s showdown with Glover Teixiera the final fight of his Ultimate Fighting Championship career. For all the UFC’s talk about the relative safety of their sport, … Continue reading

Manti Te’o: Reflections and more questions

A week after Deadspin broke the news that the most heart-wrenching story of the college football season — the tragically shortened romance between Notre Dame football star Manti Te’o and leukemia-stricken girlfriend Lennay Kekua — was in fact a massive hoax put over on media and football fans alike, we still have more questions than … Continue reading

Quick Update: Mi Voz Latina

First of all, happy Martin Luther King Day. I’m in Canada but I treat it as a holiday, which means I’ll be relaxing with family, reflecting on Dr. King’s life and legacy and working on meaningful projects not related to the day job. But because it’s not a holiday north of the border, the hustle … Continue reading

Newspaper Paywalls: How the Globe & Mail pushed me into Apple’s Arms

I’d like to thank the Globe and Mail for dragging me into the 21st century. I’m hitting “send” on this post from my new iPad, but until a month ago the idea of owning a tablet didn’t excite me.  Didn’t need or even want one until the Globe’s relentless indifference to my needs as a … Continue reading

Oh Canada… Malcolm Subban repels opponents and racist troll fans

What we didn’t see coming: Canada losing a lopsided semi final to the U.S. Thursday morning at the World Junior Hockey Championship. This tournament is Canada’s equivalent of March Madness — the entire country uniting to follow the future stars of an insanely popular sport through a series of progressively tougher challenges. This event has … Continue reading

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