Butterfinger bets “One Million” on Pacquiao — For Real?

A news release that landed in my inbox. Reprinted here in full. This is an actual thing:


World Champion Boxer Manny Pacquiao

Trains with Butterfinger Cups for Fight of the Centurybutterfinger-pacquiao-hed-2015
Glendale, CALIF. (April 1, 2015) – Upon learning that NESTLÉ® BUTTERFINGER® CUPS are a key part of the training regimen of Fighter of the Decade Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao, Butterfinger has bet one million on its newest fan, Pacquiao, to win the “Fight of the Century” which will take place on May 2, in Las Vegas. Pacquiao, boxing’s only eight-division world champion, is preparing for his biggest career challenge by adding a secret weapon to his training table.

“When I am training, I never cut corners, and that is what makes Butterfinger Cups the best peanut butter cup – they don’t cut corners either,” noted Pacquiao. “Butterfinger and I always go the extra mile to distinguish ourselves. For us, being different is the difference.”

“We are proud to be in Manny’s corner and show our support of him in this fight of the century,” said Fabiola del Rio, Butterfinger brand manager. “Manny represents a different kind of competitor, just as Butterfinger is a different kind of peanut butter cup, and different is good. Go Manny!”

Top Rank’s Lucia McKelvey secured this new and fun deal with Butterfinger and PACQUIAO. “Butterfinger and Pacquiao go together like peanut butter and chocolate. I cannot reveal the details but I assure you it was a square deal.” said McKelvey.
The different kind of peanut butter cup that made its highly anticipated debut last year, Butterfinger Cups are Pacquiao’s secret weapon and go-to-treat as he prepares for the fight of the century. Square-shaped like a boxing ring, Butterfinger Cups bring an unexpected crunch to the smooth combination of peanut butter and chocolate.


If you’re sharp you noticed

1) The totally legitimate and non-fabricated quote attributed to Pacquiao re the Butterfinger Cup’s innovative design. Authenticity, guys.

2) That if you show Manny the Money, you’ll have his loyalty. This is the same fighter, remember, who tried to jump from Top Rank to Golden Boy because Oscar de la Hoya offered him a briefcase full of cash. It’s also the fighter who signed a $1 million deal with Hennessy even though he doesn’t drink. So he’ll shill for Butterfinger on the basis of this bet… unless Reese appears with “Two Million.”

Speaking of that…

3) That the news release doesn’t specify a currency, a unit or an event — just that Butterfinger is betting “One Million” on Pac to win “The Fight of the Century” on May 2.

So they might be pledging a million Bolivares that Pacquiao will win an Xbox boxing tournament, or it could be a million Tanzanian cents that Pacquiao beats Buboy at rock-paper-scissors. How about betting a million yen Pacquiao wins a bet on Vasyl Lomachenko’s undercard bout?

Not saying this campaign is bogus. Just pointing out there’s nothing in this carefully-worded pledge about real money or defeating Floyd Mayweather.

Consider this bet hedged.




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