ABDB Episode 21: Out-Stan-Ding!

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We’re finally LEGAL!!! Episode Roberto Clemente/Deion Sanders/Dominique Wilkins… The Human Highlight Film exploits Market Inefficiencies… Global shouts out — Ghana, Ireland, Town & Country, Florida… Will got us kicked outta China… We talk fights off the top… Rampage Jackson is the Erik Morales of MMA… How about a UFC 205-pound title tourney? Great idea but do MMA fans want to see THAT much melanin — Jones, Jackson, Rashad Evans and Phil “Mr. Wonderful” Davis? Sorry Paul Orndorff!…

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Agbeko + Mares + nutshots = worst refereeing in history… Lucian Bute, Glen Johnson and stubborn Jamaican accents… Pacquiao still following Mayweather… Hope you guys remember Frank’s Place because we reference it here… Kimbo Slice debuts as a pro boxer… Will makes Morgan P. cry with an 80s RnB reference from left field & Sweets gets us back on track… Where in the hell else are you gonna hear a sports talk show that can reference Kimbo Slice, John Steinbeck & The GAP Band in damn near the same sentence?!?!? Only ABDB!!! Oh yeah, just how do you become eligible for the NFL supplemental draft? OJ in trouble in prison, but we question the source… Scandal at The U: Hurricane Snitch Bitch scoops up players, payments and prostitutes… Imagine how much sooner this scandal woulda broken if Miami was actually still WINNING! UMiami president Donna Shalala has a “gunt”… Magic Johnson makes money, which is good because it keeps him outta the broadcast booth… LeBron Got Dunked on? Kobe Bryant was in church? Serena Williams plays tennis? Shouts out to: Wall $t’s high school freshman hoops coach, Miss Tee Tee, Tim Reid, Lawrence Krisna Parker aka KRS-One, French Translation In Sports, St. Kitts, Ghana and Grand Cayman… Accents employed: Irish, Pilipino, Stubborn Jamaican… All Balls Don’t Bounce: Movement. Mentality. Community. Conversation.

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