Don’t Think I Didn’t Notice…

1. That the NFL didn’t impose the six-game suspension Jim Tressel will have to serve before starting his new gig analyzing replays on game days for the Indianapolis Colts.

The self-benching was agreed upon by Tressel and the team with no input from the league that suspended Terrelle Pryor for his role in the same scandal that cost Tressel his job at Ohio State.

Still, that the Colts are trying to appear to serve justice is an encouraging sign that the NFL and its teams are at least making an effort not to insult the intelligence of fans and the media… which is refreshing.

2. The incredible efficiency of Harry Aikines-Aryeetey

In a span of two seconds he eliminated three teams from medal contention in the 4 x 100-metre relay at the World Championships Sunday morning. First, he knocked American sprinter Darvis Patton flying, preventing him from passing the baton to anchor runner Walter Dix. (It should be noted here that Aikines-Aryeetey is built like Bo Jackson’s big brother, and that a forearm shiver from him would flatten a fullback, let alone a reed-thin sprinter)

Patton’s head-over-heels tumble knocks him into the path of runners from Trinidad and Tobago, who had to slow down and delay their exchange to keep from tripping over the fallen American.

Meanwhile Aikines-Aryeetey, who had left his post way too early, steams away from incoming runner Marlon Devonish, and runs straight through the exchange zone before even considering that he might have screwed up his team’s timing. (Race starts at 4:00, slo-mo’s of the crash at 6:40)

Watch closely as a furious Devonish fires the baton at Aikines-Aryeetey in frustration.

And how do we know he was furious?

What else would you have to be to throw a relay baton at a sprinter who looks ready to start a second career in strongman contests?

Crazy, I guess.

3. That Andre Berto is who we thought he was

Friday we examined his relationship with Victor Conte, and questioned whether hiring a nutritionist help transform him talented but flawed former champ to a pound-for-pound contender.

Of course, it didn’t.

Props, of course, to Berto for lifting Jan Zaveck’s IBF title in his first bout back after his heartbreaking April loss to Victor Ortiz. As always, Berto looked fast, strong and deadly on offence, battering Zaveck with hooks to the body and uppercuts to the head.

But he still stands too square and takes to many punches to survive against the sport’s pay-per-view elite.

When Zaveck began crowding him, Berto seemed not know how to react. The bout seemed poised for a shift in momentum until Berto landed the shot that split the brittle skin above Zaveck’s right eye, prompting the referee to stop the bout.

It was unfortunate, because we wanted to see if Berto could adjust Zaveck’s shift in tactics. And if you’re Berto’s trainer you wanted that question answered too, because it stands between him and serious paydays.

But what I saw Saturday night shows me he is who we thought he was.

And for now he’s off the hook.

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