August 2005: Street Racers Dodge the Law

2 August 2005 – Toronto Star By Morgan Campbell Randy’s 1985 Ford Thunderbird looks like hell, parked outside a Scarborough Tim Hortons with its rusted wheel wells and dusty blue paint job that looks like it needs a final coat. And it doesn’t quite ride like heaven, wallowing onto Ellesmere Rd., the squeak of a loose … Continue reading

March 2005: Steroid Users Only See the Big Picture

Steroid Surge: It’s not just pros more ‘average guys’ shoot up; Statistics reveal troubling trend: Ignore risks for bulging muscles. “I don’t think we know the scope.” 26 March 2005 – Toronto Star By Morgan Campbell Remy poked a needle into the vial of testosterone enanthate and drew out 300 milligrams. Then he did the same … Continue reading

February 2005: It’s Not Always About Colour

As the debate over Afric-Centric schools intensifies people on both sides of the debate need to remember the issue is more than skin deep, writes Morgan Campbell 8 February 2005 – Toronto Star I survived 13 years in Ontario’s “white” school system, and sometimes I wonder how I did it. In high school I saw black … Continue reading

February 2005: You See a Fugitive, I See a Friend

In 1969, Joseph Pannell fled an attempted murder charge in Chicago and lived under an assumed name in Toronto until his arrest last year. As Pannell awaits an extradition hearing, Morgan Campbell describes the mentor he calls ‘Pops’. 6 February 2005 – Toronto Star Joseph Pannell had just been escorted into the prisoners’ box during a … Continue reading

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