Black History Year Round

Black History is important to all of us, and not just in February. SWAY Magazine, Winter 2009 By Morgan Campbell February is around the corner, and that means two things. It means we celebrate Black History Month, and it means we field questions from white folks about why Black History Month even exists. After all, there’s … Continue reading

Davetta Sherwood: One in a Million

Up-and-coming actress Davetta Sherwood is at ease striking a delicate balance between wholesome and hot. May 2003 – KING Magazine By Morgan Campbell Snowflakes drift in wet clusters past the window of a Toronto photography studio, then descend to the slush-covered street. It’s a mid-winter Saturday afternoon and the temperature outside hovers near freezing. In … Continue reading

Justin Shephard: Things Fall Apart

December 2002 – SLAM magazine Justin Shepherd was two days away from a prep school scholarship and a shot at big-time college basketball when the Toronto hoops star was found slain on a footbridge near his house. Why did it happen? Those close to him are still searching for answers. By Morgan Campbell with special … Continue reading

Darius Miles: Headbanger’s Ball

December 2002 – SLAM magazine Darius Miles entered the NBA as a manchild but an off-season trade to the Cavs makes him the Man in Cleveland. Is the phenom ready to make that leap? By Morgan Campbell Darius Miles never planned to step onstage at that Nelly concert. Was too shy to show his face … Continue reading

Antonio Davis: Strength

November 2002 – KING magazine By Morgan Campbell Antonio Davis used to be a punk. These days A.D. weighs 255 pounds and his body fat percentage is lower than the interest on your car loan. The Toronto Raptors power forward lives in the gym, lifting four times a week over the summer and at least … Continue reading

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