(de) Segregation’s legacy: I’m at Pitch Talks Tonight

A quick note to remind you guys I’m back at Pitch Talks on Baseball tonight, and if you’re in Toronto consider this my invitation to join us. We’re at 918 Bathurst St, doors open at 6pm and I’m on stage at 7:00.

If you haven’t heard of Pitch Talks, you’ve been missing out. They’re sort of like TED Talks except they focus on baseball. A bunch of folks meet in a lecture hall and drink beer and engage in smart and entertaining discussions about all aspects of the game.

I leave discussions on advanced stats to people who  can do math, and focus on the intersection of beisbol, culture and media literacy. This time last year I made my Pitch Talks debut with a lecture on media double standards regarding beisbol players who are Black, Latino or some combination of the two.

And in September I returned alongside my good friend and longtime supporter Arturo Marcano for a discussion on the glory days and lasting impact of winter league ball in places like Venezuela.

And tonight?

Arturo and I are back to discuss the intertwined legacies of the Negro Leagues and Caribbean Leagues, and the long-term after-effects of the integration of Major League Baseball.

Ever wonder why there are so few African-American players in the majors today?

Does it have to do with family finance and the cost of playing the game?

Yep, but not in the way most folks present it. I’d lay it out here but I’d rather you come visit us at Pitch Talks tonight and we can discuss it over beer.

918 Bathurst.

Doors at 6.

Showtime at 7.

See you there.


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