To answer your question: I’m on TV

Questions I’ve been deflecting, answering and avoiding for the last decade:

Why don’t you have kids?

Why aren’t you married?

When are you getting a TV show?

I can answer the last one for you.

I’m getting a TV show today.

Starting tonight Fight Network Boxing Weekly — the video podcast I’ve been co-hosting with Corey Erdman for the last month — hits the airwaves. You can find us every Wednesday at 6pm Eastern on the Fight Network, which is channel 427 if you’re in the Toronto area and have Rogers Cable. If you’re outside Toronto and want to find the channel click here.

We’re still on YouTube, so if you want a taste of the smart, fun and funny boxing conversations we have every week, check us out there. Our TV debut is online already and posted below.

If you’ve ever hung around Corey and I you’ll know we’re big fans of sleazy R&B from the 1980s and 90s, so you’ll understand why I quote Ready For The World when discussing this project’s journey from concept to TV screen:

Long Time Coming.

Corey and I first started talking boxing in 2009, when we was producer at Hardcore Sports Radio and I would guest on Jason Abelson’s boxing show. When Bomani Jones brought The Morning Jones to HSR the following year Corey was there, and so was I, as a listener, a supporter, and occasional pinch-hitting co-host.

Since then we’ve helped each other out on the job. I would drop into the Fight Network to preview big bouts. Corey was the first ever two-time guest on my Sportonomics video series, talking Mayweather’s Money and The Undead Sport of Boxing. And a long the way we developed an easy rapport that comes across each week when we get behind the mics and talk the sweet science.

As for Boxing Weekly — for years it was Corey’s baby at Sirius/XM. When the time arrived for a makeover of the show and the Boxing Weekly Brand, Corey hit me up and here we are.

And here’s where you can find us.

TV: Fight Network, Wednesdays at 6pm.

YouTube: Fight Network channel or my Boxing Weekly Playlist.

Podomatic: Stream it here.

Choose your platform and adjust your listening schedules accordingly. I’m thrilled about finally launching this project, and thrilled about where we can take it.

Hope you guys are, too.


2 Responses to “To answer your question: I’m on TV”
  1. Khari Gaillard says:

    Really, really happy for and proud of you! Keep up the great work. Been a fan since the Morning Jones! And Corey is great too! I will tune in!

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